Ebenezer And The Invisible World

Ebenezer And The Invisible World Makes Metroidvania Christmas-y

The Metroidvania genre takes us to many fantasy worlds of platforming dangers and fantastical creatures. But Orbit Studio would like to take us to hand-drawn Victorian London in Ebenezer and the Invisible World  — where Ebenezer Scrooge (yup, that classic penny-pincher) awakens to a hidden world of spirits inside our own.

Old Scrooge must join a host of ghosts in this charming wintery tale. And while things are positively joyful for our born-again hero, they aren’t so great for London. A Dark Spirit has influenced the powerful Malthus family of industrialists to usurp power and undermine the middle class. Encounter friendly spirits, discover lost stories, and fight off ghostly enemies to unlock new abilities, weapons, and heirlooms to uncover secrets in the city’s darkest parts.

Ebenezer And The Invisible World promises a meticulously hand-drawn Victorian-era London adapted into a Metroidvania map filled with secrets, hidden rooms, and pathways that unlock powerful Heirlooms and ghostly weapons.
The ghosts gaming’s future will be bringing Ebenezer and the Invisible World to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC via Steam will visit everyone later this year.