Eastward: Octopia Brings Farming Sim to PC and Switch Today

The standalone expansion is available now

You’ll not often see a DLC or expansion on a game turn things on their head almost completely. But that’s what it seems Eastward: Octopia is doing, a DLC nearly three years after the release of the base game Eastward.

In the original game, the population is declining. But some time has passed, and now the two protagonists are on the path to reversing that order and creating anew! You’ll reunite with Sam and John and begin your life by farming, fishing, and cooking.

The game will have you “escaping to the countryside” and give you a standalone experience, separate from the base game. However, you will need to own the original game to play it.

The developers say you can live off the land, whip up exquisite culinary delights, and work alongside a vibrant community of friendly faces to revitalize the town of Octopia.

The duo will work together to bring this farmland back to life. You can see in the brief trailer the interactions between the land, its animals, and its characters. All are complete with a pixelated visual style and soundtrack that have been applauded since Eastward’s release in 2021.

Eastward: Octopia is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch; both are listed for less than $10.