EarthBound 64 Footage Appears Online

Back in the 90s, Nintendo hosted its own trade show called Space World. This event was used to showcase upcoming consoles and handhelds and games from Nintendo and was held in Japan.  The last Space World was held in 2001 before Nintendo moved to a bigger online presence and E3.

YouTube channel Kukun Kun, revealed the footage that shows EarthBound 64 (Mother 3), in development for the Nintendo 64, and likely filmed around 1996. In the video embedded in this post, we get a peak of the cancelled title and one that leaves us far too soon. As for why Nintendo decided to cancel the ambitious title, we’ll never know, but the project made its way to the Game Boy Advance in Japan.

Nintendo has yet to release Mother 3 as a translated title, a video game fans have been asking about for ages.


Source: ResetEra