EA Sports UFC 5

EA Sports UFC 5 Premieres All-New Gameplay Deep Dive Video

EA Sports has a new deep dive video for UFC 5, detailing all the changes coming in October.

One of the first detailed changes coming to UFC 5 is Stun Icons, which are split between Head Stuns, Body Stuns, and Leg Stuns. The icons appear when trauma is delivered to a body part and are broken down further into the head, body, and leg health icons, representing the effects of a submission attempt.

In the video above, the heart health icon appears when a player loses a chunk of their maximum stamina due to a deep choke. This represents how deep the choke negatively affects the athlete’s overall stamina, and the arm health icon signifies a loss in the maximum block. Something like overextending an arm on a Kimura hold will lead to a reduction in the blocking ability. It is represented in UFC 5, with the leg health icon indicating permanent leg health loss.

Later in the video, we learn how the Clinch was improved, as it was a talking point in UFC 4. According to the deep dive, the developers made it easier to prevent people from clinching by striking. Clinching always felt like an easy way out of most situations, and that has been addressed by jabbing straight to nullify the clinch. Any retreating attack makes the Clinch not stick, so the other player can’t punch you if you use a retrieve attack against them.

Introducing the Frostbite Engine to the franchise marks a significant milestone in the evolution of EA Sports UFC, as it brings heightened realism to the MMA experience. UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is at the forefront of this new era in realism and intensity, gracing the cover of the UFC 5 Deluxe Edition. Meanwhile, the Standard Edition proudly features UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and former UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko on the cover.

The Real Impact System allows realistic blow-by-blow damage and hyper-accurate progression as fighter attributes realistically deteriorate throughout a fight. You can feel the damage being unleashed with 64,000 possible facial damage combinations, and new fluid physics and particle systems elevate blood and sweat to represent the sport.

EA Sports UFC 5 will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series on October 27, 2023.