EA Is Done With Making Nintendo Switch Games For Now

There is, and as of now, will only be one game made for the Nintendo Switch by EA – FIFA 18 launched on September 29 for Nintendo’s newest console and the reception to that port wasn’t great. FIFA 18 for Switch wasn’t made in Frostbite and lacked crucial features that both the Xbox One and PlayStation versions had, making the Switch the least viable version available.

Sarah Needleman, of the Wall Street Journal, confirmed that EA will not be putting any more resources into the Nintendo Switch at this time. There is hope, however, as EA wants to revisit the situation in March, right around the time the Switch turns one and sales figures are better.

I can understand the cautious approach Black Jorgensen is taking with Nintendo, and while EA supported the Wii with dozens of titles available to consumers, the Wii U was far less of a success and many developers pulled support quite early into the lifespan of the failed console. Jorgensen wants to “fully understand what the demand is” for the platform before committing more development resources to making new games.