EA College Football

EA College Football 25 Announced

EA is straight-up trolling us… right?

In today’s official reveal trailer for EA‘s College Football 25, legendary sports broadcaster Chris Fowler proclaims, “Finally, it is here! You can take all that just another game stuff and throw it out.”

Now, it’s fair to say that’s just Fowler commenting on any of the marquee matchups we’ve loved him calling. But it feels… pointed at the people who have been bashing the California sports game giant, who have received some calls of indifference toward their offerings lately.

EA Orlando needs a hit with this much-loved franchise that’s been dormant for a decade, and the reveal trailer certainly hits!

The biggest worry is that pre-game animations and in-between-game segments would be the same as in Madden. And that doesn’t move the chains for college ball — where school fight songs, mascots, and cheers are at home on campuses across the country. This trailer seems to prove these worries wrong, as the first minute of the trailer captures several unique school game openings. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the Traveler stab his sword into the turf at the Coliseum.

There will be 134 FBS university teams across classic returning modes, dynasty and road to glory, the new route to the College Football Playoff and a College version of Madden‘s Football Ultimate Team.

Some new game mechanics are highlighted as well.

CampusIQ replicates the environments of the college stadium, which means that the home-field advantage impacts the road team with screen shaking. It also implies player ratings will fluctuate throughout the game. A new wear-and-tear system challenges players to manage fatigue and increases the potential for mistakes and injuries.

Finally, EA Orlando has revealed a holy trinity of college stars as cover athletes with Michigan running back — and champion — Donovan Edwards, Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers and Colorado wide receiver/defensive back Travis Hunter. The Deluxe Edition adds a whole collage of stars to the mix.

Preorders are available nowCollege Football 25 enrolls in classes on July 19th.