Metalhead Software

EA Acquires Metalhead Software

Victora-based Metalhead Software has been acquired by EA and will develop games under the EA Sports banner. The studio is most famous for working on the excellent Super Mega Baseball series, an arcade-style sports game.

Metalhead began as a company in 2009 under the direction of Scott Drader and Christian Zuger and together with a strong team have developed a beloved baseball series that’s been consistently fun to play. Their most recent out, Super Mega Baseball 3 was a home run with critics and fans of the series, with only MLB The Show being the only other baseball title that continues to impress each iteration.

“We’re all players of Super Mega Baseball, and we’ve long admired the work of the Metalhead team. It’s a unique and beloved franchise among sports gamers – the balance and depth of gameplay, and the unique style of the content make it super fun to play with friends. We look forward to supporting and investing in the team so they can continue to build out more amazing games that delight sports fans around the world,” said Cam Weber, EA SPORTS EVP and GM. “EA SPORTS continues to expand, and we’re deeply excited to create more unique and interactive experiences that blur the lines between sports and entertainment.”

Speaking on the Super Mega Baseball 3 subreddit, the team spoke about the acquisition by EA and added a Q&A to address the situation. In their key point, they spoke about why they decided to join the publishing giant, saying “We’re proud of our games and passionate about our community. We want to tackle bigger projects and expand the reach of our games. EA is the perfect partner to help us achieve that goal! Most importantly, EA is a big fan of our games and shares our vision for future projects.”

Updates will continue for Super Mega Baseball 3 with Update 7 currently in the works and details to be shared soon. ” “There is plenty more baseball on the horizon with the expansion of the Super Mega Baseball franchise, and maybe some other things down the line!” the studio said. “But we don’t have any specific details to share today.”

“Our team has worked hard over the years to refine a formula that uniquely mixes an arcade-style with deep on-field gameplay and innovative co-operative and competitive multiplayer experiences,” said Scott Drader, Co-Founder of Metalhead Software. “In this next chapter, we’re excited to leverage EA’s power and reach to bring our titles to a broader audience and to take some ambitious next steps in the development of our future titles.”

Terms of the acquisition were not given but EA confirmed they will have more to reveal regarding Metalhead in the future.