EA Access Coming To PlayStation 4

After being on Xbox One exclusively for the last five years, EA Access is finally coming to PlayStation 4 in July.

Priced at around $4.99 US (roughly $7 CAD) per month or $30 US (roughly $40 CAD) per year, the service aims to bring unlimited access to EA games. You’ll find new games like Battlefield V, Madden 19, and Star Wars: Battlefront II available, as well as the ability to preview up to 10 hours of “most of” EA’s new titles. Subscribers also enjoy a 10% discount on full game purchases, expansions, in-game items and more.

Currently, those who subscribe to EA Access are able to access dozens of titles available in the Vault. Big games like Burnout Paradise Remastered, Titanfall 2, FIFA 18, Fe, The Sims 2 and more. At the time of this post being published, EA didn’t mention what games were compatible on PlayStation 4, but we can assume it will likely be the same, if not a bit smaller.


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