E3 Predictions 2019: Square Enix

Keynote time: Monday, June 10, at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET

This year’s E3 is shaking things up with big names like Sony and EA not attending E3 this year, there are spots needed to be filled. As it were, Square Enix is doing just that (and I hope their presentation is better than last year!) and bringing some highly anticipated titles.

Final Fantasy VII

We got our first glimpse of the Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2015, and then it was radio silence until earlier this month during Sony’s State of Play live stream. With a minute of new gameplay, the excitement rose around the highly-anticipated remake of one of the most beloved titles of all time. We know this will be at E3, as Square Enix confirmed more news was coming in June. Hopefully, we get a release date of some sort, even if it’s only the first episode in a series of games.

I predict we’ll see an extended demo and get our first glimpse of Tifa, and I hope the rest of the playable party.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age

We’ve seen how beautiful the eleventh entry in the long-running RPG series looks on PlayStation 4, and now with Dragon Quest XI coming to Nintendo Switch, we’re hoping to get a release date. Likely we’ll see a trailer of some sort.

Not much to predict here aside from a release date for the tentative fall timeslot Square Enix mentioned.

Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers Project

Originally revealed in January 2017, there’s been nothing else aside from an announcement trailer. Crystal Dynamics is working on The Avengers Project for over two years at this point. Shaun Escayg, the Creative Director working on the game tweeted out that they were hard at work in December 2018 calling the project “very ambitious,” and left us wondering what exactly he meant.

I’m not even sure what genre this game will be and the direction the studio is going, there are so many unknown factors involved and so, I am cautiously optimistic.

I feel this year’s E3 will be where we get our first look with a trailer and gameplay. Expect this to headline with Final Fantasy VII especially with Avengers: Endgame still doing well at the box office.

Kingdom Hearts III Downloadable Content

I really enjoyed Kingdom Hearts III, even though the mainline entry took 12 years to arrive on consoles. However, the third numbered title felt lacking in many ways. There were no Final Fantasy characters, no hidden bosses, the Critical Mode fans couldn’t get enough wasn’t there.

Square Enix recently released Critical Mode as free content, and Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that there would be paid downloadable content coming, akin to the Final Mix, featuring a secret episode, a secret boss, plus limited episodes and bosses.

I’m hoping we get a glimpse of the story content Nomura mentioned. I’d love to see where the series is heading now that the trilogy (is that even the right word?) is over and there’s a clean slate.


Developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, Oninaki tells the story of a Watched named Kagachi, who serves as a medium to Lost Souls. His job is to ferry Lost Souls to the next world in an action-RPG game directed by Takashi Tokita.

Oninaki is currently in development for Nintendo Switch. I predict we’ll see a sizzle reel of gameplay and learn more about the systems. A release is confirmed for Japan but right now there is no date for the West.

What I’d like to see

With Final Fantasy XV officially done development, I’d like Square Enix to talk about plans for Final Fantasy XVI. Square Enix includes a stable of development studios working on various projects but as a fan of the series, I need the next titled entry.

A new Brave Fencer Musashi game. Growing up I loved the original on PlayStation. The game was hard but it the Musashi as a character was so much fun to play as with some neat gameplay mechanics and colourful world. The sequel, Musashi: Samurai Legend didn’t fare too well, and I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the original.

As Square Enix readies an in-depth look at Final Fantasy VII for E3. I’d love to see a remake for Final Fantasy VIII in the same vein as its predecessor. This entry is one of my all-time favourites and I’d love to see some love for the eighth numbered video game as this year marks the 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy VIII. It’s unlikely this is ever going to happen but I can dream.