[E3 2015] #BE3: Doom Is Coming To Next Gen and It looks Gruesome!!


If you missed the Bethesda E3 press conference yesterday then you missed the first look at the previously announced Doom, that is making its way to Next Gen Consoles. The gameplay shows Doom updated, bloody & gruesome, exactly what fans were waiting for. In the footage fans saw the return of classic weapons, like the chainsaw and shot gun. Also showed a new feature that has the player switching weapons quickly during battle, that forces the game to slow down while weapons are switching. Another key feature of the new and improved Doom is snapmap that allows players to create, build and share customize maps that will challenge other players in the community through multiplayer. Hopefully this Doom will deliver but only time will tell until then fans will have to use this trailer to keep their hopes up. Doom releases in Spring 2016.


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