Dyson Vis Nav

Dyson’s Most Powerful Robotic Vacuum Is Now Available in Canada

360 degree vision in vacuum form!

After Dyson unveiled its latest robotic vacuum last year, the company is now bringing their latest technology to Canada.

The 360 Vis Nav is what they’re calling an intelligent vacuum cleaner. It can use technology to read, understand, and respond to its surroundings to get the best clean in your living space. With 26 sensors, the device can detect dust, avoid obstacles and walls, and clean every edge of its surface with precision.

This SLAM vision system processes information and remembers where it has been and where it needs to be cleaned next. The fisheye lens allows it to read space with a panoramic view, making the camera more versatile and accurate.


With a strong motor, Dyson says the Viz Nav will spin at 110,000rpm to deliver the best results and clean effectively. Additionally, edge cleaning will be easier with suction and a motor that can grab dust, dirt, and particles. The body of the Viz Nav itself also helps in this regard, with D-shaped edges and a full-width and front-mounted brush bar.

While set in Auto mode, a “piezo” sensor can monitor dust levels 15,000 times a second. This helps detect microscopic particles and allows the vacuum to automatically increase suction power when needed. The company has also used this technology in past products.

Dyson says it assembled a team of engineers who created the most powerful robotic vacuum on the market, coming together at their new RDD Centre for Robotics at Hullavington, UK. Working together, the company says that HEPA filtration, 65 minutes of run time, and the effective motor and sensors were all possible.