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Dyson Launches New Line Of Products Aimed At Better Living

Year after year, the team at Dyson works tirelessly to outdo themselves. With a talented team of engineers designing new products for consumers, it is quite an impressive feat to continuously see that array of products that hit the market each season. Today, Dyson unveiled four brand new products dedicated to improving the everyday lifestyle of consumers. Dyson invited me out to get an in-depth look gave me a chance to get my hands on all four products.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

Pure Cool Me Product White Silver

The first product shown was Dyson’s newest air purifier. Aimed at treating and filtering the air in your personal space ie: bedside, desk, etc; the Pure Cool Me fan is sleek and compact. Dyson built the Pure Coole Me with HEPA filter integration in order to capture and get rid of 99.97% of the everyday airborne particles in your home. The purifier is also able to capture pollens and bacteria down to 0.3 microns.

Additional features an adjustable dome which enables the user to control the angle of the airflow in conjunction to the height of which the Pure Cool Me purifier is kept. The dome also oscillates at a 70-degree angle. Pure Cool Me includes a small LCD screen which shows airflow control speeds, filter life, and is used to set a timer between 30-minutes to eight hours.

Unfortunately, Pure Cool Me does not have any smart home capabilities. All settings and functions changes are made through a small magnetized remote control which sits on the front of the device.

Dyson Pure Cool Me will launch for $449.99CAD in both a white/silver and black/nickel model.

Dyson Lightcycle

LightCycle Product White Silver

The second device, and arguably my favourite was Dyson’s new Lightcycle personal task light. Though the design may seem a bit unorthodox, it is intentional as it illuminates on a 90-degree angle onto any desk or workspace.

The Lightcycle has a range of brightness between 100 to 1000+ Lux and is able to adjust to both a warm, 2,700 Kelvin to cooler 6,500 Kelvin. When more consumers are aware of the effects of harsh lighting, the Lightcycle is a personalized light that works with your preferences.

Communicating with the Dyson Link mobile app, users can monitor and adjust the light based on the location of the world. For example, it can simulate the sunlight in Australia at 6 am on any given day. Additionally, there are 20 built-in light settings in the app. You can set it to a warmer Study mode, or Precision mode for hobbyists at their work center. Wake-up mode simulates the sunrise and gradually gets brighter while preparing the user for the day.

The engineers at Dyson have found a way to ensure the LED light avoids overheating and degrading over time. A small copper tube located on the arm of the Lightcycle draws heat. A tiny drop of water inside the tube evaporates while diminishing the heat. It does this over and over, in a nearly-endless cycle. Dyson has gathered enough data to ensure the LED in the Lightcycle can sustain the same light quality for over 60 years.

The Lightcycle comes with a USB-C port on the front to charge devices. Lightcycle rests on a “3 Axis Glide” body, which enables users to pull the arm down, push it up or turn it 360-degrees with no springs or fear of wearing out. A small infrared sensor is included to turn the light off automatically if there is no motion near the light for two-minutes, saving on energy.

Dyson Lightcycle is available in either black or white. A Lightcycle with a smaller base will launch for $799.99CAD. The Lightcycle with a larger base will launch for $1199.99CAD

Dyson 360 Heurist

360 Heurist Product Front Hero

Dyson’s new 360 Heurist vacuum is the next evolutionary step from the 360 Eye. Featuring quad-core processors, the 360 Heurist now has more 20x more memory built in. One of the complaints of 360 Heurist’s predecessor was the inability to clean in dark rooms. Now, the improved 360-degree camera and LED light ring enable the new unit to clean in darker conditions.

Built with tank-treads, 360 Heurist is able to overcome obstacles and maintain traction in the home. Eight sensors surround the unit, preventing 360 Heurist from missing a spot or taking a tumble down a flight of stairs. As I watched the unit clean up sand or dust, the precision and accuracy were spot-on. The 360 Heurist also slowed down when approaching a wall. It then recalibrated without missing a beat.

Working in tandem with the Dyson Link app, users can program the vacuum between three different power modes. The autonomous vacuum can also be programmed and learn which room it is in and recognize which room has yet to be cleaned.

Dyson 360 Heurist will launch for $1199.99CAD

Dyson V11 Absolute

V11 Product Hero

For households looking for a more traditional vacuum, Dyson’s new V11 Absolute cord-free vacuum might be more up your alley. Featuring up to 60-minutes of battery life, the V11 has more suction power over the older V10 model.

During a hands-on demonstration, you can feel the suction power recalibrate when leaving a carpeted surface onto hardwood flooring. The V11 spins at a whopping 125,000rpm and is powerful enough to capture 99.97% of particles.

Located on the tip of the handle, a small LCD screen monitors and gives feedback to users. An example that was shown demonstrated what happened in the event of a blockage. The V11 LCD screen showed step-by-step instructions for how to resolve the issue. The LCD will show the remaining battery life in real time, and give access to three power modes. Similar to the V10, the V11 is both lightweight and quite mobile.

Dyson’s V11 Absolute will be available in two models starting from $799.99CAD.

Consumers can forward to bigger leaps in terms of quality of life products as Dyson continues to refine and reiterate on what clearly works. All products will be available now on Dyson.ca