Dyson Introduces Lightcycle Morph

Dyson has been working on something to brighten up your life. Today, Dyson unveils its brand new innovative lighting fixture, the Dyson Lightcycle Morph.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph has been specifically designed to fit the many different lifestyles we all possess. It has been engineered to be a versatile light source for any room in your home and can be adjusted to your needs throughout the day. Working off the innovations of last year’s Dyson Lightcycle, the Lightcycle Morph is a standup light fixture with four different formats to experiment and use within your home.


On top of that, the Dyson Lightcycle Morph has mounted on an Intelligent Optical Head, which gives the user the flexibility of moving the light a full 360-degrees with ease. The light can swivel on its head and be adjusted to a number of different angles. Upon returning it to its original position, a magnetic stopper will assist in aligning it, resulting in a satisfying click and snack.

The first format the Lightcycle Morph has as mentioned by Dyson is called ‘Task Lighting’. This method of lighting is best served for a workspace where having the best lighting is paramount. It’s also worth noting that the Task Lighting setting was developed to reduce eye-strain, a common hurdle for anyone completing intricate tasks under the assistance of light.

Next is ‘Ambient Lighting’, which can also be used to set a specific mood. By customizing the light’s temperature, you’re able to soften the light to a much more calmer blue or go for a much warmer tone with an orange glow.

‘Indirect Lighting’ can be used for your standard light source to brighten up a room. With the Optical Head, you’ll be able to set the light to bounce off the wall, flooring, or ceiling to maximize the coverage.

Finally, ‘Feature Lighting’ can be used when positioning the Lightcycle Morph’s light over any piece of artwork or features around your home. Thanks to the LED lights, any piece of artwork will immediately stand out. Dyson ensured that the lighting would actually strengthen the colours rather than drown them out.


Last year, Dyson released the Lightcycle, which housed dynamic lighting features, but was ultimately focused on filling the task-based use cases. The Morph, while still utilizing the same core technologies, amplifies the number of practical uses through its customization. Since the Lightcycle Morph is catered to be used in many different locations in the house, the light sits on top of an impact-resistant aluminum stand with 16,000 perforated holes to help focus the gradient lighting emitting throughout the stem. To preserve the sleek design, Dyson ran two ultra-thin cables through the stand to power the light, resulting in a near-invisible power source.

The Lightcycle Morph’s lighting can range between 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin with 20 light settings accessible through the inputs on the light itself and through the Dyson Link app available on Apple and Android. Dyson has continued to use Heat Pipe technology to cool the LED lighting, to provide up to 60 years of use.


In addition to the many individual light settings, Lightcycle Morph has preset modes including ‘Wake-up’ and customizable features to give you personalized lighting based on age, location and lighting preferences. Lightcycle Morph can match the outdoor lighting via the light sensor to adjust its lighting automatically. On top of that, a motion detector will turn the light on when someone is nearby and turns the light off after not sensing any movement to save energy.

Dyson Lightcycle Morph comes in two variants––a floor light and desk light––both in Black, Silver, and White. Each variant comes with the same list of features and customization options. Built into the stand, the Lightcycle Morph has a USB-C charger for your devices as well.

The desk model of Dyson Lightcycle Morph is available for $849.99, while the floor light will cost $1,199. More information can be found on Dyson Canada’s website.