Dyson Demo VR

Dyson Goes Virtual with new VR Store

Dyson has launched a new way to shop online when looking at its family of products. Bridging the necessity of shopping with the technology of VR, this latest consumer approach uses virtual reality to allow customers to test out a Dyson product from their home using a VR headset.

By using virtual reality, interested buyers can trial and test Dyson products in an online environment. The technology used draws on the same visualizations and simulations Dyson engineers use when prototyping new products in the lab.

“As engineers, we are concerned with improving things and that includes how people understand our products. We have been harnessing powerful virtual reality technologies to engineer new products in our labs for many years, now we are applying those same technologies to re-invent how people explore our products. Our customers increasingly want to buy directly from us, which makes sense, because we created the technology and we are best placed to look after them. We are also trying new ways to explain our technologies through our hair salons, testing zones instore, online live streams, 1:1 live video.” says James Dyson.

I’m always willing to travel to a brick and mortar store to ensure I’m getting the right product but given the work done to create a VR experience that does what Dyson is saying, sounds like an alternative to having to head into a store. This way of shopping is paired with a streamed event on Dyson’s website where experts work with customers to understand what product is right for them.

Dyson says the VR presence will serve as a complement to eh existing Dyson Demo in stores worldwide, with 30 opening in city centres and another 19 planned for this year and beyond.

“Dyson Demo VR means that we can now bring our technologies to life for our customers in ways that were previously beyond imagination. Using the same technologies and tools used within our labs, we can explain better how Dyson machines work and why they make a difference. All of this can be done using our actual design data. We can show people a virtual product operating in a virtual room but using the actual product software – it doesn’t get much more realistic than that.” says Sean Newmarch, Dyson’s E-Commerce director.

You’ll need an Oculus device to see what the VR experience is like and Dyson plans on updating the experience over time. In phase one, you can try the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, Corrale straightener and Airwrap styler, or the new Dyson V15 Detect. You can also look into the technology used in each piece of equipment and see how Dyson’s products would work in your home, plus speak to experts.