Dyson Blows Their Way Into Augmented Reality With Dyson CleanTrace

U.K.-based engineering company Dyson is known for its vacuums, and it is constantly looking for new ways to harness technology and engineering to push the envelope on home living and cleaning.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company is announcing Dyson CleanTrace — a new augmented reality tool paired with Dyson vacuums to show us how to clean our homes and businesses more effectively.


The first important point to make is that this new tool is a paired hardware and software solution that utilizes a phone mounting clamp for a Dyson Gen5detect vacuum and the MyDyson App. Unfortunately, it appears that those with older Dyson vacuums won’t be able to use Dyson CleanTrace as it requires having a registered Dyson Gen5detect in the MyDyson app for Dyson CleanTrace to show up on the app’s home screen.

Once this process is completed, you can plug an iPhone into the clamp and see your vacuum’s path of motion in purple on an augmented-reality room layout.

Dyson purports that their engineers spend hundreds of hours studying people’s cleaning habits down to the smallest detail, like how many times they put down their vacuum during a single cleaning session, to advance their technology continually. In the case of Dyson CleanTrace, they found that people overestimate the time they spend using their vacuum during an actual session, and that 80% of the ones they looked at last less than ten minutes despite people saying they spend an average of 24 minutes. Dyson also found that people inconsistently clean the areas of their houses.

As such, Dyson used the mapping technology added to their Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum and new augmented reality technology to aid in cleaning.

“Unlike most humans doing the cleaning, Dyson robots know where they are in the room, where they have been, and where they have yet to go,” says Charlie Park — Dyson’s vice president of engineering — in a press release.

The new Dyson CleanTrace system does not have a price yet, but it will start rolling out to Canadians in an update planned for the MyDyson app in June.