Dying Light Incorporates Hellraid As DLC

Do you remember Hellraid, the first-person game from Techland set in a fantasy world full of monsters and demons? At one point, it was meant to be a mod for Dead Island before moving into production as a full game, then it was put on hold because it couldn’t meet Techland’s expectations.

However, things are changing once again and the dead do not stay dead it seems as Techland is resurrecting Hellraid as downloadable content for the still alive Dying Light, a game that launched in 2015.

It all started with an arcade machine survivors found in the Tower’s basement while investigating an odd power outage. None of them could remember seeing this strange device ever before. They moved it upstairs, unaware of its true nature.

Get ready for a completely fresh Dying Light experience! Based on Techland’s unreleased first-person fantasy slasher Hellraid, this paid downloadable content will expand the game with a dungeon map full of new enemies for you to slay with a variety of brand-new weapons. Whether you delve into the depths of Hell alone or join your friends for an exciting co-op will be up to you.

Expect to see the Hellraid content this summer.