Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s Next Showcase Begins July 1

Last month, Techland revealed the highly anticipated launch date for Dying Light 2 Stay Human and took us on a deep dive into some of the game’s systems and the work the studio has done.

Techland didn’t say exactly what we’re going to be seeing next week but I want to know more about the game’s crafting and combat systems. I had a lot of fun finding bits and pieces around Harran, only to cobble together some electric sword that zombies had no chance against.

This time, with what is seemingly more enemy variety, I’m hoping we see enemies who have distinct weak spots, ones who may be stronger against melee attacks, or even nearly impervious. A lot of the systems established in Dying Light were wonderful, so I’m glad to see the developers doubling down and expanding on them for the sequel.

We’ll know more next week and be sure to check out Techland’s Twitch channel so you can catch the update.