Dying Light 2

Big Updates Coming To Dying Light 2 As Its Halloween Event Continues

Part 2 of the game's fall update is available now

Retail stores may take down their pumpkins and ghostly displays, but Dying Light 2 isn’t ready to hang up their masks and bloody trick-or-treating.

The Frightening Part II: Slashing Pumpkintiles Event is now live and can be hacked and slashed through with some wicked rewards to follow. “The spookiest season is in full swing, and zombies can feel right at home. To make the most of the eerie vibes, Dying Light 2 Stay Human… debuts a follow-up to Part I, Vampire: the Masquerade Event.


Techland also shared their latest Community Update with updated executions and finishers, knives, weapon rarity, and weapon repairs.

You can watch the update trailer below, but here’s the gist of what’s going live, provided by Franchise Director Tymon Smektała:

  • Weapon and gear dismantling can be done on the fly
  • Craft Masters will now be able to repair weapons
  • Lighting tech gets an upgrade, as well as three new graphical settings
  • Seven different finishers, with more on the way in the future

Smektała says that over 10,000 ideas were submitted to him and his team as they narrowed down some of the most requested and critical changes. No word on exactly when the update is going live, but there’s also a tease that there could be more to come before year’s end.

A new Dev Blog has been launched, and more of these updates and ideas will be shared in the future.