Duck Detective

Quack the Case with Duck Detective: The Secret Salami on Switch

Coming to Nintendo Switch

“The truth is an ugly mistress. But I ain’t no ugly duckling!”

Yeah, that’s right, you’re a case-cracking duck, and no bandit will stop you! Duck Detective: The Secret Salami now has a release date, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch next month.

The game will take you on a case with twists and turns in a bite-sized story. Happy Broccoli Games has created a shorter two-three hour experience that will have you interview suspects, take notes, and find out just who or what has been putting a damper on lunch!

As shown in the trailer, you’ll fill in the blanks in your notes to narrow down the suspect’s list. While you get to the bottom of things, the game will also be acted out in full voice.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami will hit PC via Steam and Switch on May 23rd.

If you want to try the game out, there is a demo available right now on Steam and one coming to Switch soon, according to publisher Future Friends Games.