Driveclub And MotorStorm Leads Form New Studio

Some of Sony’s finest talents have joined together to form a new studio based out of Liverpool. Former leads from both Driveclub’s Evolution Studios, including Alan McDermott, Nigel Kershaw, and Stuart Trevor have formed Wushu Studios. Between the three of them, they have worked on games like Motorstorm, Driveclub, as well as Dark Souls and Saints Row.

The newly founded studio is based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triable, with a team of 11 developers and more on the way as they are working on a new game, something far from their comfort zone – a sci-fi game that is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. A prototype has been in the works since September and will not be an AAA title, but something much more interesting, with a fresh experience.

Alan McDermott had this to say:

“Our core team at Wushu have worked together closely on numerous projects over the years so there was no downtime in figuring out how to work together, we just fell straight into a groove kicking around game ideas that appealed to us as players and developers. We firmly believed in the idea that our initial concepts needed to be gamepad experiences as quickly as possible, so we turned to Unreal Engine for its amazing rapid prototyping capabilities. This approach has helped us figure out which of our concepts would allow us to flex our creative muscle most. It’s definitely not what people will be expecting to see from us; it’s absolutely not a racing game!”

Stay tuned in the coming months, as we hope to hear more on their latest project.