Dreams VR Support is Live Today!

PlayStation exclusive Dreams from Media Molecule has received a new update today, bringing with it the anticipated addition of VR.

What awaits you in this update? Well, alongside new playable content, kits and How-Tos, there’s a whole bunch of features and iterations to get you well on the road to creating your very own VR experiences in Dreams! Check out our full patch notes for all the details.

Part of the update is a new showcase for VR called Inside The Box, which includes examples and inspirations to help kickstart the community’s creations.

Box Maze – Use the power of grabbing to help the cube bots find their way through the maze.

Box Blaster – Put your sharp-shooting and speed-running skills to the test in this futuristic blaster.

Box Escape – Jump, dive and resize your way outside the box.

Media Molecule has a whole post dedicated to the VR add-on, so be sure to check it out and learn more, there’s a ton of information for creators.


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