Dreams Launch Trailer Is Here

This is it! We’re in the final days before Dreams officially launches on February 14 on PlayStation 4.

For those who already have access to Early Access Dreams, you can upgrade to the full retail release today and get in on the fun three whole days before anyone else! I’m a bit jealous as I’m waiting until Friday to dive in but the videos and the content, I’ve seen from the community is excellent so far and I want to test and play as much of the creations available!

With the full game out, I hope a talented creator makes a sequel to Tearaway and with the tools available, you will likely be able to make some excellent games, as you animate and make content. Or, if you are like me, you’ll explore the campaign and stick to the testing out all the creative ideas instead of trying to make anything, I’m more of a player than a creator.

Dreams is available today for Early Access subscribers and for everyone else this Friday.