Dreamed Away

Dreamed Away Kickstarter Announced

Pineapple Works and developer Nicolas Patton are launching a Kickstarter campaign for Dreamed Away, an upcoming pixel RPG, on February 1, 2024.

You play as Théo, a young boy living in France in the 1990s. You’ll explore a mysterious world and unique reality while duelling the darkness and looking for his sister and parents. Théo will encounter ghosts and revenants as he heads into the catacombs to search for his sibling.

Dreamed Away does away with a traditional battle system and instead uses a unique, fast-paced battle system comprised of minigames.

Enemies have their skills; you’ll need to dodge the time-based minigames. Petton says games such as Earthbound inspired Dreamed Away.

A newly updated, free demo is available on Dreamed Away’s Steam page.