Dragons Crown

Dragon’s Crown Pro Has Co-Op And It Looks Pretty Rad

If you’re unfamiliar with Dragon’s Crown, the original release felt much like a coin-op arcade machine. It’s what I found to be charming about the game on PlayStation 3, and its why I got so many friends involved in finishing the game together.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will feature up to four-player co-op to tackle quests and work together to defeat enemies and bosses. The trailer released today gives a pretty good idea of what you’ll be getting into when the final game launches, and while it looks chaotic at times, it’s really quite a bit of fun with the right people.

Another neat feature is knowing this game is cross-play ready so if you have PlayStation 4, your friend who is still on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, can all play together.

Expect to team up with friends in Spring 2018, and we will provide an update when a release date is confirmed.