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Dragon Quest Treasures Available On PC

Square Enix has stealth-launched Dragon Quest Treasures on Steam today and confirmed it is Steam Deck compatible.


If you pick up Dragon Quest Treasures before July 28, you’ll gain access to the following:

  • x10 Chimaera Wing
  • x10 Better Buddy Bullet
  • x15 Fullheal Pellet

The Digital Deluxe edition also includes the following:

  • x25 Bestest Buddy Bullet
  • x25 Omniheal Bomb
  • x1 Great Sabercat
  • x1 Ruby Golem
  • x1 Icy Dragling

Starring siblings Erik and Mia, the duo dream of exploring the world in search of treasure. One night, the pair discover Porcus and Purrsula, creatures who whisk them away to Draconia, a treasure-filled land.