Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Gets A New Battle & Recruiting System

Pre-orders are now open on the Nintendo eShop

We’ve learned a whole slew of details about one of the biggest upcoming RPG’s, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. Square Enix has revealed some big details and dropped some screenshots.

“The Dark Prince is a grand adventure, but also a dangerous one. The protagonist, Psaro, has been cursed and is unable to directly harm anything with monster blood as a result.”


Here’s more details on what the game has to offer:

Grow Your Roster Of Monsters:

  • After winning a battle, an enemy monster may ask to join your team afterwards.
  • Meet other wranglers on your journey who are willing to combine their monsters with yours to create a brand-new creature — one they’ll even let you keep!

Use the Power of Synthesis to Make New Monsters:

  • The synthesis system has been overhauled for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, and now features more intuitive combinations for returning gamers and newcomers to discover.

Unlock New Monster Talents

  • There are three broad categories of talent, and each one contains a mix of skills, magic spells, attribute boosters and more. Some provide life-saving healing spells, while others can turn a monster into an attacking powerhouse or a sponge for damage.

With up to eight members of your party, and four active monsters, you can issue precise orders for each one or set general tactics that Enix names “Show No Mercy” or “Focus on Healing.”

Sometimes an easy victory won’t be so simple, as Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince has a “Frenzied” mechanic. This will essentially give the enemy monster a second wind, and increase their attacks or defense, levelling the playing field a bit more.


There’s also big and small sizes for each monster, creating a more complex way to organize and recruit your team. Big monsters will take up two slots on your roster, but will pack a bigger punch.

There will also be several new monsters introduced in the game: Jasper Unbound, Krystalinda, Greater Platypunk (seen below), and Gander.

Need an even deeper break down? Square Enix has outlined all the details in their latest post on their website.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is also available for pre-order. If you do this, you’ll receive the Head Start Set which includes several exclusive items. The full release is set for December 1st.