Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero’s Gameplay Is As Good As You Expect

Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft held a gameplay showcase today for the upcoming Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, a new entry in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Jun Furutani, a producer working on Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, joined the presentation. He thanked the fans who tuned in to the event, which showcased the new mechanics coming to the sequel.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Is A True Sequel

The gameplay demo begins with Goku facing Vegeta as they brawl across the desert. Both characters move fast and transport around the stage while throwing around Ki blasts at each other. Eventually, the pair begin to power up, and you see Vegeta throw his iconic Galick Gun at Goku as he continues to chase his rival.

Goku then shifts into Super Saiyan Blue while telling Vegeta, “No Hard Feelings,” before deflecting Vegeta’s attacks. Shortly after, both Saiyans turned Blue and were now equally matched and deflecting incoming attacks. Goku powers up and throws a Kamehameha wave at Vegeta as the match ends.

“Because this game is a genuine sequel and evolution of the series, one of our goals was to preserve the essence of what made the Budokai Tenkaichi series so popular: an enjoyable, dynamic 3D-action battle experience that deeply captures the elements of Dragon Ball,” says Furutani.
He then goes on to confirm that some iconic mechanics are returning. “To do so, in addition to close-range attacks with rush attacks and combos, we kept battle systems such as the Dragon Dash, which enables high-speed movement, the iconic counter system that fans know and love, and the “Impact Action,” which allows intense fisticuffs or the exchange of energy blasts.”

And adds, “Ultimate Blast is one of the references for stunning effects that can only be achieved on the current generation of consoles.

I hope you will be as stunned as I am by the dynamism and intensity of the Dragon Ball-like battles we have created in this game.”

The team currently working on Sparking! Zero also added new mechanics, which are detailed today.

Referencing the fight shown earlier, Furutani mentions the movement has been improved, making fights feel like fast, as fast as the dash was in previous games. There’s still a short dash, too so you can move around the battlefield which opens up new possibilities for movement and attacks on the go.

“In fact, you can perform various actions to suit your style, such as dodging an opponent’s attack with a short dash, unleashing a charged attack or even a Ki Blast while moving, or linking to a dragon dash to pull off a huge move in one go,” reveals Furutani.
The new entry also introduces actions using Skill Count that build up over time during battle. You also see the Revenge Counter, which allows you to strike against incoming attacks which absorb the damage.
We also see Super Perception, a counter that allows you to counterattack in anticipation of attacks, including Ki blasts. However, this only activates when you have enough Skill Count.
The last thing shown today was a new action using Ki called Vanishing Assaults, which can be used to approach an enemy instantly and deal damage.