Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals More Characters

The Jump Festa 2018 trailer for Dragon Ball FigherZ features the best look yet at the soon to be released fighting game. Showing off new fighters like Hit, Beerus and Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super confirms the roster will span both series and feature exciting new fighters I can’t wait to play with. There are some wonderful iconic scenes that are synonymous with the series.

This was teased before, and the new trailer confirms it: by fulfilling conditions within the game, you can recreate scenes from the series, such as seeing Goku first become a Super Saiyan or Gohan becoming Super Saiyan 2 against Cell, more is even teased as Goku takes on Kid Buu, and even Goku losing to Beerus. Seeing such iconic moments once more is fine and all, but the amount of detail Arc System Works has put into getting them just right is what amazes me the most.

I’m a stickler for the dub, I prefer it much more, and as I grown older, can’t sit down and enjoy subs anymore, so I can’t wait to see how the dub will be!