Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Times Revealed

The open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming next month and will begin on January 14 for everyone who is interested. For those who pre-ordered, you gain an extra day to play as the beta begins for you on January 13.

Pacific Time

  • Early Access: January 13, 12am
  • Beta Opens: January 14, 12am
  • Beta Closes: January 16, 12am

Eastern Time

  • Early Access: January 13, 3am
  • Beta Opens: January 14, 3am
  • Beta Closes: January 16, 3am

FighterZ is shaping up to be a highly anticipated fighting game from Arc System Works, and this beta is most likely to see how well the servers can handle the influx of new players.

With the roster still growing, with the most recent reveal coming this past weekend that featured Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black, I’m curious to see who is left to be revealed.