Dragon Ball FighterZ Has A Story Mode As Crazy As It’s Power Levels

A subtitled trailer for upcoming fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ peels back the curtain on the story.

The story mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ will consist of three story arcs, a wholly original story that involves the Z-Fighters who are battling armies of clones who have appeared around the world. As our heroes engage these enemies, the Z-Fighters begin fainting one by one. Goku awakens to find he is linked with the player and can fighter together against the army.

This is the main premise of the story, by linking with the heroes, we can play as each of them. FighterZ introduced a new android to the series, Android 21, who is a central figure in all of this, and is rumoured to be as smart as Dr. Gero.

The Link System will allow you to play with different characters and the more you share their body and interact with them, you can unlock special conversations with them.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available on January 26 2018.