Dragon Ball Fighter Z Looks To Redeem Yamcha


Today Bandai Namco released a new character trailer for Dragon Ball Fighter Z and it looks like they are taking a stance for Yamcha. In the Dragon Ball franchise Yamcha has always been a character that has now become the butt of all Dragon Ball related jokes. He has been looked to as one of the weakest characters since the series has killed him multiple times, had him suffered embarrassing loses and in the recent Dragon Ball Super episodes hasn’t even fought in a serious battle yet. Oh and lets not forget to mention, he didn’t even get the girl. But besides all of the jokes and memes that has come out of Yamcha’s miss fortune it seems that Dragon Ball Fighter Z maybe the redemption Yamcha believers need. In the latest trailer for the much anticipated game we see Yamcha pummeling Tien. So don’t fear Yamcha fan’s there is still hope for the playboy to redeem himself, but then again…it’s only Tien he’s fighting…so. Have a look at the full trailer below.