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Dragon Age Inquisition’s Horse Sprint Was Faked

A seemingly useless, random fact about Dragon Age Inquisition has made its way online almost a decade after launching.

The BioWare series has had fans clamouring for a new release, and thankfully, we will be getting a new entry soon, but a tweet from John Epler, the creative director of Dreadwolf has revealed a funny bit of knowledge.

See, on Twitter, a thread asking about the most useless video game facts spawned several offshoots of the question, leading to a most useless Dragon Age fact thread.

John’s tweet reveals that Dragon Age Inquisition, which was developed in EA Frostbite Engine, could not stream levels fast enough, so to simulate your in-game horse’s sprint speed, the developers added speed lines and adjusted the camera to feel faster.

“I’ve carried the guilt of this for years. Guilt is an ocean, and I’m tired of drowning,” says Epler on social media.

While yes, we were bamboozled by the developers, it’s something I can forgive because I barely used horses in-game. However, there is something that I might not be able to forgive, and that’s regarding the Iron Bull romance option.

In a separate tweet, Epler reveals that Iron Bull’s romance led to the development of a ‘sex tower’ because the motion capture performance of everyone walking in on the scene assumed a door was in the tower.

As it turns out, the player’s quarters eventually had stairs to their room with no door meant to be in the way. This led to the creation of a new scene in another tower.

What useless facts will the developers reveal about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?