DOOM Eternal will raise some Nintendo Switch Hell on December 8

It has been almost nine months since DOOM Eternal first launched back in March. One platform that it never released on but was slated for was the Nintendo Switch.

After months of confirming the Switch version is coming, Bethesda announced that DOOM Eternal is coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console next week on December 8th. The publisher also released a trailer of how the game will seemingly look on the Nintendo platform.


It should be noted that the anyone looking to pick up the game physically will be disappointed as this year’s highly-regarded shooter will be a digital only release.

Anyone who never picked up the game and has been waiting for the Switch release can check out Bobby’s review who says the game is the most coherent first person shooter he has played in a long time.

It remains to be seen how Doom Eternal will actually play on an underpowered device like the Nintendo Switch compared to the current versions of the game. If you look at how much effort and care Bethesda put into the DOOM(2016) Switch port, which Bobby also reviewed, then another good Bethesda port could be coming to the Switch.