Don’t Have These Incorrect Preconceptions About Online Gaming!

Online gaming is growing ever popular with millions of people enjoying games like Diablo, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft. In fact, a lot of people are putting down their old offline games for fun online games which they can play alongside other people around the world. However, a lot of people make errors when it comes to online gaming. They think certain things are true, which in a lot of cases, turn out not to be the case. In fact, here are some incorrect preconceptions people have about online gaming!


Online gaming is very expensive

A lot of people are put off playing online games as they are worried about incurring charges. After all, as well as paying the charge for buying the game, you often have to pay an additional cost to play it online. However, people make the error of thinking it’s a really expensive cost every month. But, in fact, some of the top games don’t actually charge a fortune. For example, Hearthstone and Diablo 3 are free to pay monthly. It’s just if you want extra content like additional cards that you can start to incur costs. But this is a cost that you don’t have to pay out for every month. Therefore, you can still enjoy the gameplay without having to spend a small fortune. Just to be safe make sure you check how much you have to pay before signing up.


Online gaming has to be on a PC

It’s also a misconception that you can only play online games on your PC. In fact, a lot of people pay out a fortune for a new gaming PC to play online. But they could actually be using their other devices like their phone or tablet to play the top games. After all, mobile gaming is constantly developing so it won’t be long before you can play the best games on your device. Not only this but a lot of people think that they can’t play their games on their Mac. After all, some games are not compatible with this machine. But, there are actually a lot of great MMO games that you play on your Mac. In fact, if you look online, you should be able to find MMORPG Mac games that will be great to play on your machine! And remember you can wirelessly connect your console to the internet. That way, you can play top games like Call of Duty with other people from around the world!


Online gaming is antisocial

A lot of people also make the error of thinking that online gaming is a lonely hobby. After all, people have the preconception that it’s someone on their own playing in their room. But actually online gaming can be a social experience. You can team up for online play with friends and family who aren’t even in the same house. In fact, 62% of gamers spend time playing with their friends and family. And you can even meet new people from around the world. So you can soon have a bunch of new friends who you can play with online!

And while you might think online gaming is just for kids, the average gamer is actually 35. So don’t feel embarrassed if you fancy a whirl on a new game!