Dolmen Launches This May

Prime Matter and Massive Work Studio have announced that Dolmen, the Lovecraftian-inspired action RPG will launch this May on consoles and PC.

I covered Dolmen last year and had a lot of positive things to say about the cosmic horror game set on Revlon Prime, a horrifying place filled with untold nightmares. I had fun with the new series, saying that “The game offers some interesting ideas and Soul’s fans will likely get some mileage out of it when it launches next year. I had fun for the few hours I invested blasting through this preview but there is some work to be done, I can say my curiosity on how the final game performs is what makes this a worthwhile wait. A lot of the elements here are familiar but just different enough to stand out. Whether or not that’s a fluke is up to the developer but I’d say keep your eye on Dolmen.”

We still have a few months to go before launch but the once failed Kickstarter project has had a successful turnaround thanks to Prime Matter, the new publishing label from Koch Media.