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Does Being A Gamer Help Your Tech Knowledge

Gaming is one of the biggest entertainment mediums on the planet, and as such, there’s a diverse array of people interested in the hobby. It’s interesting to think about how this medium affects us and our lifestyles, not only by providing fun and the chance to socialize with others, but also the lesser-known considerations that help us thrive.

Now, we all know that moral panics about gaming have been quite comical over the years – assuming that games like DOOM and Grand Theft Auto would contribute to hordes of criminals or incentivize those interest in occult magic spells, but thankfully, all of that has faded away.

That said, it’s true that considerations like ‘gamer addiction’ seem to have more prevalence, and it’s very easy to get lost in the grind. We’ll leave those discussions to other authoritative sources for now, instead, let’s focus on some of the benefits gaming can provide us with. To begin with – does being a gamer help your tech knowledge? It can be worthwhile to ask that, because then we can avoid seeing this as an indulgent hobby, but also a healthy part of how we spend our free time. Let’s consider:

Building Computers & Replacing Storage

Building computers is the ultimate extension of the gaming hobby. Consoles are by far the default and best option for most (don’t let PC players badmouth them), but it can be fun to invest your money in a tower PC suitable for your budget and to put the parts together appropriately.

Cool sites like Logical Increments can help you figure out what components to choose. As you select the case, implement the power supply and motherboard, slot the components on and screw in the fans, you’ll notice you become adept at reading manuals, watching build guides, and also cabling throughout the tower system, which is fun in itself.

Here you’ll become adept at Googling issues and trying solutions should you encounter a problem; like fixing your smartphone when it’s not turning on, or degragmenting your hard drive. This also gives you an interest in PC hardware, be that the latest CPU’s from Intel or AMD, or the latest controversy about how ridiculously Nvidia GPU’s are priced for the time being.

Troubleshooting Software

Gamers tend to be very adept at troubleshooting software. This is even true on consoles, where moving downloaded content between drives, remapping controls onto their controller, and installing games all have their place.

Any PC gamer will have had to troubleshoot an issue before, be that a game struggling to run despite having the right system specs for it (new drivers may be needed), or even using tools like MSI Afterburner to underclock your card if it’s old and in need of some replacement. In the long run, the ability to think through, diagnose issues, or perhaps eliminate problems that it could be will serve you well, and all of that can come through gaming.

Moreover, some puzzle games might also help you think in this way, after all, PC Builder Simulator and other titles are all the rage these days.

Applying Account Privacy Measures

Those who have a gaming profile know the benefit of switching their account preferences, from preventing people seeing their friends list, to their games history or achievement list. This can also apply to blocking or muting those who might not be as friendly to place with as others.

This way, you can curate the kind of experience you wish for online, and only keep to the social circles you enjoy being part of. These are important lessons to learn for social media, too, as understanding how you present yourself online, how to curate that, and how to be cautious about divulging details about yourself will all have an effect on your healthy use of the internet, and should be considered essential knowledge.

Resolving Internet Troubles

Every gamer knows how tiresome it is to resolve internet issues, but you do get to learn a great deal from this. From learning how to port forward so you can host games or join them more easily, to using VPN software to download mods from sites you do trust, but not with your IP address, isn’t uncommon in the gaming world.

Moreover, learning just what you can do with certain speeds of internet, especially if playing online or waiting for downloads, give’s gamers a basic idea of how to configure their router, and what plans to opt for when making their own package decisions.

With this insight, you’re sure to see that while it might not offer any qualifications, enjoying gaming can be a great step into the world of tech.