Divine Dynamo Flamefrit

Divine Dynamo Flamefrit Looks Like A 2D ’90s Fantasy And Robot Anime Game

Inti Creates is taking us back to the 1990s. Specifically, back to the influential robot-led animes and top-down medieval-themed adventures of sword and spell in Divine Dynamo Flamefrit.

Wait… what? This isn’t Divine Dynamo Flamefrit! It looks like a new Mega Man Battle Network. Seeing how Inti Creates was a large contributor to that series would make sense.

Card-en-Ciel is supposedly entering deep development, so keep an eye on it!

However, today’s big news is that their latest work is Divine Dynamo Flamefrit, and you can catch a glimpse of player character Yuto Hino and his trusty robot Flamefrit in the top right corner of this video’s title card.

Wait… I think I found the right trailer! Let’s try this again!

Game director Kyo Kobayashi also shares a few stills and introductory details today!


Help Yuto harness a sword and spell in this colourful and comfy adventure, and seek out the robot bosses on the loose!

Once you find them, hop into Flamefrit, harness the powerful Flame Saber and battle in first-person mech melees from ’90s Kaiju shows and movies!


As I wrote, this project is still in its early days, so we don’t know much more than this. So keep your sword pointing toward the game’s official site!

Oh, and April Fools – it is officially April 1 in Japan. Sorry to break the news to you, but this was a prank.