Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Will Include Orbonne Monastery As An Arena

While Dissidia Final Fantasy NT didn’t live up to the legacy it’s portable brethren created for the series, it is still a fun game to play, even though it has a ton of information on the screen and without a proper tutorial that incorporates each character and their moveset.

A new trailer from Square Enix features a classical stage from the Final Fantasy Tactics game that released on the original PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, and on iOS. Does it look familiar to you?

The Orbonne Monastery is a simple stage, and translate well from its previous iteration, check out the comparison below.

Here is Orbonne as it was on PlayStation:

Orbonne battlefield

And here is what Orbonne Monastery looks like now:


The level boasts a simple design, and after Square confirming today that Dissidia didn’t meet expectations at launch, it’s up to all the post-launch content to help bring in new players. Levels like this is a good start, I’d say.