Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets Kingdom Hearts Costumes

If you’re still playing the 3-on-3 brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, this might interest you. Square Enix’s collaboration with Koei Tecmo plays alright but is inferior to the PlayStation Portable versions of Dissidia in many ways, but it isn’t a bad game – it’s just not what I wanted. Which is a shame because I’d love to keep this game in my rotation but alas it isn’t so.

Surprisingly, Square Enix is still supporting the game. Even more surprising is that the company has two costumes coming, one for Cloud and one for Squall and they are based on their Kingdom Hearts costumes. That’s right, Cloud gets his bandaged Buster Sword and odd black wing. Squall still looks like Squall but has longer hair and uses a Keyblade here.


Look, both outfits are paid DLC and arrive June 5.