Disintegration Gets Technical Beta January 28

V1 Interactive is planning a technical beta for their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Disintegration, with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC getting in on the action. In anticipation, the studio revealed a new trailer for the upcoming beta which showcases what players will be able to do when the technical beta goes live at the end of the month.

In short, I dig what the trailer shows us. It’s got that neat gravcycle, which is front and centre in the trailer. The beta will come with two modes and maps, where you’ll face off in 5v5 matches with you and your squad. You’ll also choose between seven different crews. Not only that, but unique game modes that incorporate both the aerial combat introduced with the gravcycle, but also squad-based commands in which being tactical means being successful.

Disintegration’s Technical Beta will include two maps and two different modes. You can also choose between seven different crews each with their own weapons, abilities, and role in combat.

If you’re interested in signing up for the beta you can head to this link.


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