Disintegration Comes From Co-Creator Of Halo

Revealed at gamescom 2019, the newest game from Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of the wildly successful Halo series revealed his newest project. Disintegration is a new sci-fi first-person shooter currently in development over at V1 Interactive and looks awfully familiar.

Not to say that’s a bad thing. You play as Romer Shoal, a former Gravcycle pilot in command of a small Integrated resistance still grasping onto fading memories of their human selves. With the domineering Rayonne forces set on eliminating the final remnants of human society, it’s up to Romer and his crew of Outlaws to fight back and reboot humanity. Pilot a variety of armed Gravcycles and command your crew on the ground by leveraging a variety of unique unit abilities and mastery of your own personal arsenal to dominate the battle.

Speaking at the gamescom event, Lehto confirmed that Disintegration comes with a full singleplayer campaign and a multiplayer component.