Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless Demo Is Up Right Now On PS4, PS5, And Switch

We’re less than a month away from Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless‘s release and publisher NIS America has announced that a demo of the upcoming seventh main entry is up right now to try out for those on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles.

Similar to the recent era of demos, the progress you make in the Disgaea 7 demo on your console of choice can be transferred to the main game this October. This isn’t just something fans of the series can get on but Disgaea newcomers too as the price for admission is the low price of one free demo download, so it doesn’t hurt to at least try it out and see if the next game in the beloved tactical RPG franchise is right for you.

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless will put players into the devilish shoes of Fuji, a low-ranking demon who finds unlikely allies as he attempts to take down a tyrannical regime in the demonic realm of Hinomoto while finding the meaning of honour and redemption along the way. Fuji finds an unlikely ally in a naive bushido fan-girl, Pirilika who somehow convinces our demon hero to protect her while going after her own goals.

Other characters that will join our duo include Ao, Wey-yasu, and Higan Zesshousai. For veterans of the ongoing SRPG series will see the introduction of new features including  Jumbification, Hell Mode and Item Reincarnation alongside a new and improved auto-battle game mechanic. Players will be able to build a team with a lot of choices as players will have over 40 character classes at their disposal.

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless was first released in Japan on January 26th, 2023 and Western players will be able to play the latest game in the franchise on October 3rd for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch consoles.