Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive Digitizes One Last Trailer

The often delayed Digimon Survive is finally launching next month and today marks one final trailer ahead of the Jul 29 launch date.

Bandai Namco has had some trouble getting the game out but after some bumps, it seems like things are on track for next month as the visual novel and strategy RPG hybrid lands on consoles and PC.

Your character ends up in the digital world that is teeming with dangers and deadly battles that will make or break you and it is up to you to survive. You play as Takuma Momozuka and you’ll have a lot of influence over the direction your adventure goes via a series of choices that may or may not end well for your character. Additionally, whatever you decide will end up affecting your partner Digimon and how they evolve so be sure to choose wisely if you want to obtain the right partner.

I never expected to see a tactical game set in the Digimon world but here we are. If anything the battles shown in the trailer got me pretty excited to see how well combat turns out to be. Even the evolutions could really pan out to be a lot of fun if can understand the path to getting the right Digimon.