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Diablo IV Beta To Unleash Hell In March

Blizzard Entertainment recently made its employees unhappy by tabling return-to-work mandates and has revealed a new beta testing period for Diablo IV set for this March.

Revealed at IGN Fan Fest, the open beta period begins next month with pre-orders receiving early access on March 17 to March 19, before letting everyone else in on March 24 through March 26.

For the open beta weekends, those who decide to dive in get to experience the prologue and entirety of Act 1 set within Fractured Peaks with a level cap of 25. There’s a blog post with more details, and the developers are hosting a livestream on February 28, so if you’re interested in seeing more before the beta, this is likely the place to start.

Diablo IV launches on June 6 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.