Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing

Everything Shown At Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing

Devolver Digital continues to set the standard for how livestreamed showcases need to happen. While Summer Game Fest may be the biggest streaming showcase, Devolver continues to deliver the best showcase.

Today was Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing, a half show featuring some of the biggest games coming from the clueless team at Devolver Digital (their words not mine!) over the next year.

Kicking off the showcase was digital host Mecha SUDA 51, a man and machine hybrid who was forced to reveal new games at the expense of his freedom.

Cult of the Lamb

Kicking off the showcase was Massive Monster’s Cult of the Lamb where players play as a possessed lamb saved by a stranger and are now in debt to his saviour. With a second chance at life, the lamb must now build a cult and venture out into the world to build a community for your new master.

Cult of the Lamb launches on August 11 with a demo available now.

Anger Foot

the numbers are going up and down, the Devolver execs tell us. But what does it mean? Well, the engagement spikes and a potential house on the moon mean the trailers shown today are what the people want — so here is Anger Foot.

Developer Free Lives has a new and fast-paced project called Anger Foot. It’s described as a game of kicking down doors and kicking ass. You’ll basically crash through Shit City and kick-ass while clearing out sewers, skyscrapers, and some of the biggest asses on the planet. You earn new weapons, unlock new sneakers, and upgrade your powers.

The game launches in 2023.

Card Shark

Look, we’ve already reviewed Card Shark last week and wholly recommend it. Stop wasting time and go buy it right now.

The Plucky Squire

This was easily my favourite reveal of today across two livestreams. From All Possible Futures comes The Plucky Squire where you play as Jot and follow along with his adventures. The storybook villain Humgrump becomes aware he’s the villain in the story and decides to kick out Jot from the tale. This leads to our plucky hero being ousted from the book and into the real world.

There will be challenges for Jot, unlike anything he’s faced before. You can jump between the 2D pages of the book and 3D elements of the world to solve puzzles, fight badgers, fly with a jetpack and more.

The Plucky Squire launches in 2023.

Skate Story

The last reveal today was Skate Story, a new title developed by Sam Eng and set to launch on PC in 2023.

As a demon in the Underworld, the Devil has provided you with a skateboard with one goal in mind: Skate to the Moon and swallow it to be free from Hell.

This means you’ll ollie, kickflip, and grind across The Emptylands and learn to master your weight and motion. There are over 70 tricks to learn, tons of decks, wheels, trucks, and more to pick up.

Devolver Digital has the best showcase this year. I wish more events didn’t take themselves so seriously because this was an incredible watch.