DMC5 Bloody Palace Screens 01

Devil May Cry V’s Bloody Palace Set For April 1

By now, if you’re playing the most epic, Devil May Cry V, you’re well on your way to either finishing the story missions or on your second (or third) playthrough. Capcom’s got the cherry on top for what I think is the best and most inviting game in the series.

While Bloody Palace is scheduled for launch on April 1, make no mistake, this isn’t a joke! If you aren’t aware, this is tournament mode that’s been in every game since Devil May Cry 2 and is no different. Set in the multi-level arena, controlling either Nero, Dante, or V against hordes of enemies of increasing challenge as you race against the clock.

There’s little information right now about the upcoming Bloody Palace downloadable content but it is free and it’s coming in a few weeks for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Are you up to the challenge?