Devil May Cry Coming To Nintendo Switch

A port of the original Devil May Cry is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Set for launch in the summer of this year, Capcom confirmed the news via their official Twitter page.

Besides Capcom confirming the news, we don’t know whether or not the port is based on the original, whiched launched in 2001 or based on the version from Devil May Cry HD Collection. So while this port coming to the Switch is great news, it’s also the first step towards getting Dante into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For years, fans wanted to see the white-haired hero make his mark in Nintendo’s wildly popular brawler – it looks like that may actually be a possibility with this announcement.

Devil May Cry introduces us to the world of demon hunting as well as characters Dante and Trish for the first time. We learn about Mundus and his plans for the Earth, and that he was the one who killed Dante’s mother and brother, and is now seeking a way to come back to our dimension.