Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Screenshots Incoming


In what is looking to be the most content-packed Devil May Cry, well, EVER, Capcom has released a ton of new images showcasing Vergil, Trish, Dante, Nero, and Lady. Each character comes updated when Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition launches and will include some new content for Lady, Trish, and Vergil. Included in the upgrade is a new style to use as Dante in addition to Swordmaster, Trickster, Gunslinger, and Royal Guard. The newest is style is called Dark Slayer, which takes advantage of Dante’s brother’s sword, Yamato.

Vergil is playable which wasn’t something you could do in the original, but is now available to play in Bloody Palace as well as the campaign. Vergil boasts a new mode called “Concentration,” which has Vergil acting as he does. Cool, calm and very collected, the less Vergil has to move out of necessity, the faster this meter fills up which makes combos that much more deadly.

If you played Devil May Cry 3 then you will remember Lady, who uses guns instead of swords. Lady has pistols, a shotgun, and her rocket launcher to attack enemies and her playstyle is the complete opposite of what every other character is known for.

Trish is back too and is even boasting her own skillset this time around, instead of being another Dante clone, Trish can switch styles mid-combo and keep the action going depending on what combo you’re currently using.


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