Deviation Games

Deviation Games Devs Hit With Layoffs

Deviation Games has been hit with several layoffs, joining PixelOpus as Sony continues to reassess its slate of studios.

The news comes from many developers who took to LinkedIn to announce they had been let go and were looking for work. Some affected staff include Luke Stumpf, a technical combat designer, Kyle Perras, an Unreal Engine specialist, and Jared Baily, an associate producer. BLGReF2.jpg

Deviation Games was founded in 2021 and even spoke about the studio’s formation on the PlayStation Blog. In a post, CEO Dave Anthony said that he and his partner Jason Blundell “dreamt” about having their studio, being able to make games “our way” and with a team of “like-minded developers.”


While no specific reason was given, a post from Perras says that Deviation Games “ran into a difficult situation and was forced to make a number of layoffs.”

In a post from 2021, Anthony said, “While I can confirm development is already underway, it’s early for us to be going into specific details. We’re drawing on what we’ve learned over our collective decades making games, but we’re also out to make something fresh and brimming with innovation as you’ve never experienced before. We’re not afraid to say that our ambitions are super high: we’re setting out to make a huge, content-rich game with a focus on a lot of action and a lot of energy, but let’s leave it at that for now, and hopefully, it won’t be long before we can share more.”

Aaron Gray, a former producer, revealed he was also laid off via LinkedIn:

“Unfortunately my time at Deviation Games has come to an end as I was caught up in a major layoff,” said Gray. “Thank you to Deviation Games for the opportunity and all those I worked with. Hope to run into you again in the future! In the meantime, I am now looking for Production roles in the gaming industry.”

Last year, Blundell left the studio with Anthony taking over the role of game director on the studio’s unannounced project.