Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars Will Cost $30 After April 6

You have until April 6, 2021, to add Destruction AllStars to your library as a free game for subscribing to PlayStation Plus. After that, the price is set to land at $29.99 CAD for those who want to purchase the game.

“As we’ve shifted the launch of Destruction AllStars into PlayStation Plus, we’re doing the same with the price. We’re thrilled to announce that Destruction AllStars will be available for digital purchase from April 6th for $19.99 / CDN$29.99 / €19.99.” says Rule “This is a great value, and helps ensure the mayhem will continue long after our PlayStation Plus promotion comes to an end. Of course, if you’ve already added the game to your library, it’s yours to keep as long as you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber.”

Speaking over on the PlayStation Blog, George Rule, the Community Manager revealed the official pricing and some other tidbits about the future of the game. Some of the things players can expect over the next few months include double XP, Genesis’ Challenge Series in February, new featured playlists such as Mayhem 8v8 and Stockpile 4v4, new skins, and double XP in March, and more surprises set for April.

In my review, I mentioned how Destruction AllStars is fun in short bursts, and the driving and vehicular combat is a ton of fun and often enjoyable but the minute you get out of your car, you begin to see the cracks in gameplay.